The battle with rising obesity


The United Arab Emirates needs to come up with well thought out plans and strategies to minimize or even eliminate obesity. Perhaps introducing Karate classes for kids along with Kickboxing classes in Abu Dhabi could play crucial roles in tackling obesity.

The rise of obesity: It should come as a surprise when there is a staggering increase in obesity rates amongst the youth. This happens due to a combination of fast food restaurants opening up at a rapid pace as well as the youth being too infatuated with fancy gadgets and devices. It is imperative that not only the state but parents should work together to ensure that the youth gets to improve their physical fitness for the longer run. Introducing various training academies in the world of Karate ad Kickboxing should be lauded on part of the state and its elderly citizens.

Benefits of Karate: Kids taking up Karate classes at the earliest stages of their life, would be able to live a longer and happier life than most. Taking up Karate improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and endurance. The fact that Karate improves the cardiovascular system can work wonders for a kid diagnosed with severe asthma. For an asthmatic patient to take up Karate would be beneficial in reducing asthma attacks over the course of a patient’s life.

Kids and their mood swings: It is very easy for kids to change their mind regarding the sport they want to participate in. It is common and understandable for kids to keep changing and switching between different sports. For a training centre to keep retaining members they need to incorporate kickboxing classes along with Karate. The fact that kickboxing is a subset of Karate goes to show the connection between the two. For a child who is used to Karate, the moment they are introduced to kickboxing they would be able to differentiate in using specific muscles keeping in mind kickboxing comprises of kicking and punching mainly.

Mental strength for the longer run: Incorporating yoga sessions either pre or post karate and kickboxing sessions can enable kids to approach life more maturely. Performing yoga in a serene, quite and open environment enable kids to be connected to nature and ensuring they stay humble and blessed to exist in this world. Yoga does an amazing job of being patient and composed in uncertain times of life.