Vertical farming- the solution of growing demand of food

Food demand is increasing day by day due to increase in population. And it is estimated that in 2050, food demand will from 60% to 100%. So due to increase demand of food, it is need of hour to utilize methods which can grow crops early but with their full nutrition. Many artificial methods are also used to cultivate crops, but the crops produced by this method do not provide complete nutrition. So a quick and near to natural method is required. So vertical farming are best solution for crops. Vertical farming in Dubai is being popular now a days and suppliers also obtain fresh vegetables in Dubai by these farms.  

What’s good about vertical farming?

Artificial light and controlled environment are used. Even now software is also used to so that all plant may get equal amount of water, light and nutrients. There is no limitation of production of seasonal crops in vertical farming. As the environment is being controlled in vertical farming so all seasonal crops can be grown at any time. 

Crops are safe in vertical farms as these are weather proof. So these crops will not be affected by extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and winds etc.

Hydroponic methods are used in vertical farms so they use less water as compared to other farms. Crops are grown in basin of water and nutrient filled water is also given to them. So in this way less water is required for these crops.

Vertical farming also promotes water recycling techniques. So in this way, water does not waste and it can be used again for crops. Crops can grow 2 times higher than crops produced by conventional way. So it is the only ideal solution in future to meet with food crisis. This is the only method which requires less resources, less consumption and less land space. So it is ideal method according to future prospects.

Vertica farms around the globe:

Many countries have now shifted their conventional farms to vertical farming. The first vertical farm was established in Singapore in which low carbon was used. Now japan has world’s largest vertical farms. It has area of about 25,000 square feet and contains 17,500 LED lights. It is bacteria free and pesticide free and food produced is organic.