Tips on purchasing health insurance in Dubai

Choosing the right health insurance can be quite an overwhelming task. The neck to neck competition between the health insurance companies can cost you up to ten thousand dirhams. To not fall into the profitability trap of the health insurance companies, the guide below will help you choose the right policy.

You can be fined for not having a health insurance in Dubai. The fine includes paying 500 dirhams per month to getting your visa renewals blocked. To protect yourself from paying out of the pocket for health care facilities when you need them the most, do get an insurance.

The basics
You can acquire the entry-level plan in Dubai. It has the Saada program for health insurance. The rate of the program might differ depending on the care program they cover. The entry-level program for expats covers maximum 150000 dirhams in Dubai. The entry-level program, as apparent from the name, covers limited facilities.
If you are an employee in Dubai, you can be relieved knowing that you employer has to pay for your insurance. In case of a sponsor, the sponsor pays for the insurance of his/her employee and family members.

There is no harm in comparing health insurance policies so that you get one that works best for you. The Dubai Health Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare provides you with all the details and comparisons so that you choose a policy you know works well for you. There will be 50 or more companies ready to provide you the perfect plan. You can also hire an insurance broker to help you better.

Choosing the right plan
When choosing a plan, make sure it covers the hospital you plan to go in. Finding out later that your preferred clinic doesn’t fall in the insurance plan can be stressing. Do your research before you settle for the plan.

Get eye and dental coverage
The eye and dental coverage is essential. Sometimes the policy misses out these two. Check for them and pick the health policy that includes these two.

Health insurance for the elderly
Prices vary for the elderly, with higher costs being linked to the risks involved.
Whichever health insurance policy you choose, do not compromise the quality and be safe from scams. The pricing should be sustainable and shouldn’t shoot suddenly.