Tips to help you drive safely in Dubai

The adrenaline pumping movies that portray driving to be a child’s play should not be taken seriously. Driving itself is not that difficult, but the onus it puts on the driver is something that requires a lot of attention. The driver has it upon him to protect the lives of not only those in the car, but those outside too.

Here are a few of the tips that you should be aware of to be safe while driving in Dubai.

Stay at an arm’s length
It gets difficult to drive on the fast and long roads of Dubai, especially during the peak hours. You should always maintain a distance between you and the car at the front while driving. Keep an arm’s length distance so that you and the ones at the front are safe from any mishap.

Lights must always be on
Don’t join ranks with those who believe that they don’t need the headlights or the lights at the back on as long as they can see the road. The lights are not there just for you, because they also serve to warn others that there is someone at the back or the front, so they need to be careful. You obviously don’t need to use these during the day, but when it starts to get dark, switch on the lights.

Undertaking is a reality in Dubai
in Dubai you will find cars undertaking despite it being against the laws. Keep yourself and others safe and watch out for this by using all your mirrors and not driving too fast that you lose control of the car.

Speed Driving
the stringent laws have allowed to control speeding cars; however, the trend has not completely stalled. Stay safe by staying away from their path, pull over at the other side of the road or drive at a steady speed so that they can drive past you.

Flashing the headlights
Headlight flashing is part of the rash driving here. Sometimes it is the police that wants you to stop over, but at the other times, it is the speed maniacs who do this. Keep out of their way and it is important that you don’t panic. If you are unable to handle this, you can stay away from the fast lane.

Stay at a distance from trucks
There are going to be trucks on these roads as well, that are known for travelling long and tiring distances. Do not be immediately in front of them or alongside them as they won’t be able to see you and might crash into your car. Whenever you see a truck, make sure that you remain at a distance.