4 most amazing folk dances of Dubai

People of Dubai have a rich history of cultural heritage and their love for traditional music and folk dances can easily be seen on certain occasions when they laugh and dance to their heart’s delight.

For people in Dubai dance is freedom of joy and expression and they often celebrate it through the representation of their folk dances with traditional music. For them, their dance traditions mean plenty of emotions.

Among them, there are 4 amazing folk dances of Dubai that are highly popular among its people. Let’s look at more info here about these amazing folk dances.

1. The Liwa

The Liwa is typically inspired by the African style of music. It involves instruments like Mizmar and drums. The performance begins with the slow 6 minutes of rhythm playing of Mizmar followed by the beats of the three drums named Jabwah, Jasser, and Shindo. Soon after the music, 10 dancers and singers join the performance and it takes a total of 20 minutes’ time to complete the performance. The folk dance is performed mostly at weddings.

2. The Ayyalah

The Ayyalah is popular not only in Dubai but also in the United Arab Emirates. It is performed as a victory dance over the enemy. It starts from at least 25 men participating and can accommodate 200 more men. Men form two lines facing each other with arms like camel sticks made into swords to challenge their opponents and then swinging back and forth slowly on the drum beats.

3. The Haban

The Haban is also known as Khayaili consists of 8 men as the first group, 8 women as the second succeeding group, and 10 musicians as the third group. Various instruments and drums are used in this performance as the two groups of men and women move back and forth on the beats of the drum. This dance is also performed at wedding ceremonies. 

4. Harbiyah

The Harbiyah is similar to Al Ayyalah as it is performed by forming two lines of men facing one another with arms. It is performed in weddings too or in warlike traditions with many beautiful poems setting the rhythm and forming the basic context. It illustrates victory, pride, and courage.

There are many other traditional dances performed in Dubai and in UAE but these 4 folk dances top the list because of their significance and other attributes.