Types of Fit Outs

When people start business, they thing that they have to get an office and a license and they are good to go. But this was before the times when it was not too complicated but now times are tough and there are more and more rules for everything. Visit website to know more about interior fit out companies in Abu Dhabi. So, even if you get an office, there are different things that you have to see like having a fit out for your office. Confused! We thought so, and that is why we think that you have landed on the right post because here, you will know about what is a fit out for office. You must be wondering that what kind of new expense is this? And we are sorry to say that this is almost a new kind of rule that all offices have to follow that says that you have to make sure to get your office designed according to different sets of rules to make sure that the employees are safe and even if there is an incident, no one must get hurt at all. Now you must be knowing that how it is beneficial and if you want one now and you want to all about it, it is best that you know about its types that suits your office space;

  1. The first type is shell and core fit out. You must be wondering what is that well, we are here to tell you about it that it is a kind of fit out that requires the building to get power, to get the interior walls done, lighting and heating and cooling systems. This is the kind of thing that all offices and homes require. but in offices, it will be done in a way that even if there is a fire at the power cables, the cables should be really far away or the chairs and cabins of the employees should not make contact with the fire for some minutes so that they can exit fast.
  2. The second type is category A fit out where you will be seeing about; electrical outlets, raised access floors, HVAC systems, fire protection systems, toilets, and grid ceiling.
  3. The last type is category B fit out which requires things that lack in category A.